Hacienda Tamarindo, Vieques PR

Hacienda Tamarindo Green Initiatives

We at Hacienda Tamarindo are making a conscious effort to leave the smallest possible footprint on our precious, unspoiled little island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

To that end you will find that we use soap/shampoo dispensers in our showers to minimize waste of both products and packaging. Our bathrooms are equipped with low-flow shower heads and low-volume toilets.

Water is a dear commodity on Caribbean islands and we appreciate our guests’ consideration of that. In our rooms you will find signs requesting that you hang towels that can be reused, and put only those on the floor that need laundering. We check bed linens daily, but only change the sheets every three days, or as needed.

We recycle pretty much everything but glass on Vieques. We have recycling bins in the library and outside behind the beach rental shop.

We would ask that you help us in this effort. Nearly of our light bulbs are LED or CFL to give off the best light using the least amount of energy. We use timers on the lighting in the public bathroom, but we would ask that you turn off the lights and air conditioning when you leave your room.

We buy local and recycled products as much as possible. Most of the breakfast fruits are local to Puerto Rico, if not Vieques. You may see our compost pile next the beach rental shop. We compost all of our yard waste and food scraps from the breakfast to fertilize our gardens. We appreciate any help you can give in preserving our precious resources.

Thank you,

Linda & Burr