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snorkel-gearl-740-IMG_9752Hacienda Tamarindo is situated on a hilltop overlooking the spectacular azure/aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. A path leads to the shore, but we don’t refer to it as “the beach”. It’s a beachcomber’s paradise; perfect for miles of strolling, shelling and collecting beach glass, driftwood and other found objects. The true swimming beaches are as close as five minutes away by car.

The beaches are scattered over the island. The closest to us (just 5 minutes by jeep) is the beautiful Sun Bay which is great for swimming and walking. Just beyond is Media Luna, a calm and shallow beach, then Navio—the ultimate place for waves and body-surfing. Most of our guests rent jeeps to explore all that the island has to offer and to get to the beaches.

As home to the largest nature reserve in the Caribbean, Vieques Island also offers spectacular beaches on the east end of the island. Caracas, Garcia, Pata Prieta, Chiva and Plata are some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the Caribbean.

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