Hacienda Tamarindo, Vieques PR

“Excellent between a guest house and a bed & breakfast”

“Excellent between a guest house and a bed & breakfast”

June 27, 2016 • Under: Vieques Hotel Reviews


“The ambiance is just perfect.

The rooms are very good, super clean and tidy, very good AC because is our summer otherwise well ventilated and I visited almost all of them for I was part of a group; we had the whole place (the Hacienda) for my group of ladies friends from our bowling league we were 42 ladies. From Monday to Thursday.

The service and friendliness was excellent, we had three wonderful days at the Hacienda Tamarindo the full breakfast were big and served, the service quite fast. The pancakes were delicious. The view from swimming pool is just beautiful specially at sun down.”