Hacienda Tamarindo

About the Hotel

Hacienda Tamarindo hotel is your
Vieques Island vacation retreat.

As our guest we want you to be comfortable and enjoy every aspect of our island hospitality.

Hacienda Tamarindo Guesthouse Entrance
Tamarindo tree growing through the Vieques guesthouse

An ancient tamarind tree in the hotel lobby atrium majestically rises three stories through the center of the building. Terraces, courtyards, and parlors offer ample space for relaxation and conversation.

The Hacienda is perched on a Vieques hilltop with spectacular 180 degree views of the Caribbean—from sunrise to sunset; looking down on the bedazzled, ever-changing myriad of blue, emerald, and turquoise waters.

Caribbean trade winds and lazy paddle fans keep you cool and comfortable. Here, you can fall asleep to a tree frog serenade and wake to the smell of jasmine on the gentle tropical sea breeze.


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